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Dates In Saudi Arabia: History, Importance, Benefits, And Types

Dates in Saudi Arabia are an iconic symbol of hospitality and a necessary element of daily life in the Kingdom. The holy Quran mentions Date Palms 22 times. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) reportedly declared that a home with dates is never destitute. Dates have been produced and traded throughout the region since ancient times. Today, Saudi Arabia is the third-largest producer of dates worldwide. Dates are high in magnesium, iron, phosphorus, copper, calcium, and potassium, among other nutrients and minerals. People break the Ramadan fast by eating several dates because of their health benefits. They are also present in cakes, cookies, sweets, pies, and bread. Maamool, a Middle Eastern cookie filled with date pudding, is the most popular in the whole Middle East.

History of dates

The Date Palm is the world’s oldest cultivated tree. Recent discoveries suggest that 4,000 B.C. old remains of date palms are present in Mesopotamia and Nile Valley in Egypt. The Date Palm (Phoenix Dactylifera) holds immense importance in the Middle East, as they offer water, shade, rest, and sustenance since primeval times. Owing to old farming practices, dates can be found in abundance in different countries of the Middle East. Also known as ‘tree of life,’ the date palm was once relied upon by ancient civilizations for constructing simple houses. These civilizations also used its fruit for medicinal purposes. sustainability.

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